Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin

The Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin is a resource that compiles United States and global information on weather and crop production in the form of short writing blurbs and a lot of maps.

It is a collaboration between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the National Agricultural Statistics Service, and the World Agricultural Outlook Board.

The three following maps were pulled from the February 14, 2017 report that was just released. What I appreciate is that the report includes total precipitation, but then tries to put short term records into a larger context by making maps comparing the current state to historical averages.

In addition to the United States focused reports (including state crop progress reports that I didn't sample), there are maps that focus on summarizing current global crop production, as well as region specific maps like the one below of precipitation on Brazil.

The USDA has a significant number of resources that anyone can subscribe to (bottom of this page). They provide a synthesis of different information flows that would be time consuming to access regularly.