Current Title and Affiliation: PhD candidate, Department of Geography, Environment and Society, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

I am a human-environment geographer and geographic information scientist with a primary focus on agricultural systems. My work aims to advance the state-of-the-art in GIScience in order to:

  1. identify and test generalizable principles underlying the spatial and temporal dynamics of human-environment interactions with an emphasis on agent learning and decision making,

  2. characterize how these interactions are manifested at multiple scales of analysis as land use patterns, ecosystem services, and social network structures, and

  3. understand the impacts of and further develop spatial decision support systems that efficiently and effectively integrate this information into agricultural management and policy.

Geographically, I am an expert in agricultural production in the Midwest United States. A large portion of my work has been in the context of action research projects focused on watershed management and agricultural innovation.


I have a minor at the PhD level in computer science and a Masters of Science degree in the Applied Plant Sciences from the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics at the University of Minnesota. During my masters degree, my research and coursework focused on applying geographic information science and remote sensing in agriculture. Before graduate school, I was a high school teacher at E.C.H.O. Charter School in Echo, Minnesota.